the lodge

The White Pine Lodge consists of four apartments, a motel unit, and an owner's apartment. The motel unit is on the first floor of the house, and the apartments are on the second through fourth floors. There are private entrances to all units. The building slopes from back to front, so apartment number one has an inclined approach but no stairs. There's a deck, barbecues, and picnic tables for summertime fun. The 15-acre property abuts the National Forest for unlimited year-round exploration!

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unit one

Fireplace, two bedrooms, off the back lawn. Sleeps six.

unit two

Two bedrooms, one bath, up a flight. Sleeps six.

unit three

Three bedrooms, two bath, up a flight. Sleeps nine.

unit four

Fireplace, two bedrooms, top floor charm. Up two flights.

unit five

Fireplace, two double beds, convenience kitchenette, ground floor.

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